Spotlight On: Sustainable Fashion

We're all well aware of the importance of buying fashion that we will wear season after season, but have you ever thought about the materials that your clothing is made from? We're trying to be as transparent as possible about sustainability and are proud to stock a huge range of clothing made from fabrics that have less of an impact on our environment. 


Have you looked at your label or our website before and noticed '100% Viscose LENZING™ECOVERO™'? A lot of our clothes are made using Lenzing fibres, which are made from cellulose, the core component of all plants on earth.

It starts with wood procurement for pulp production and ends with the clothes that you buy in the shop! There's so many reasons we love Lenzing. The wood pulp is sourced from sustainably managed forests and as much water as possible is reused in the process. Not only this, but the production of the fibres for Lenzing uses a closed loop system, meaning that the chemicals involved are recycled too. 

It won't take you long to spot pieces made using this material on our website - but here are some of our current favourites:

PcCrista Knit


YasDala Dress


Recycled Materials
Polyester is a versatile and low maintenance synthetic fibre suitable for many fashion items, but its production is energy-intensive and not biodegradable. Thankfully, we can reduce polyester’s impact by increasing our use of recycled polyester made from waste products such as plastic bottles. Many of our dresses are made from recycled polyester, which has a much better impact on the environment. 

PcJuna Dress

Cotton is natural and renewable, and it is one of our most widely used fibres, while its production also supports millions of livelihoods around the world. However, conventional cotton growing can have a considerable impact on the environment. Keep an eye out for pieces made from organic cotton which is an even more sustainable alternative.

YasFlowerfield Dress

Anna Striped Top


Our homewares are also eco-conscious too. Bloomingville, one of our most popular homeware brands, works towards sustainability, making their throws using recycled cotton and packaging them in a biodegradable bag rather than single use plastic. We are proud to stock products from Bloomingville's eco-conscious portfolio, which includes pieces made from recycled glass, cotton and wood. Many of the cushions and throws are coloured using natural dye too. 

Cila Throw